Doggy Daycare
Is your pooch left at home alone while you are at work?
Do you come home to find that your belongings have been destroyed? 
Is he kept in a crate while you are away?  
Is your pooch out of control when you return home after a tough day at work? 
If yes is the answer to one or more of these questions,
then your pooch needs to experience Doggy Daycare at
Plumb Pooches. Here, your loved one will get to socialize with at least nineteen other dogs, and at the same time keep his mind occupied so that destructive behavior or separation anxiety never become an issue. 
Every evening when he returns home he’ll be emotionally rested and be able to behave like you desire.
Bring your pooch to doggy daycare and go to work guilt free.
Please let Plumb Pooches be your pooch's home away from home.

Playtime at Plumb Pooches 24/7 Boarding, kennel freeMy rates for Doggy Daycare-
$20.00 per day for 1st dog,
$15 for each additional dog.
Discounts are available for Mon-Fri clients.
Doggy Daycare days are Mon-Fri.
Drop off times are after 5:30 AM.
Pick-up times are before 7:30 PM.


We can be found east of Atlanta in Loganville, near Snellville, Grayson, Stone Mountain, Lawrenceville, Athens, Monroe and Winder.